AU: You’re dating Ashton. Whenever you see fans you let them write their twitter accounts on you and take their fan art so that you can give it to the boys. You always come back to the 5sos house covered in sharpie. The fans always look for you and get #Find(Y/N) trending on twitter when there are shows. During and interview, the boys talk about how you are with the fans and how you're always going into the crowd during shows.


Anonymous asked:

One where your kid has a nightmare?

itunesirwin answered:

okay but luke man he’d be a cute daddy he would be like oh hey it’s okay and probably let them sit in bed with him or he’d go back to their room and crawl in bed with them and tell stupid stories bc luke is kinda dumb but he’s a cute dumb it’s okay and maybe sing a song or two and talk about how there’s no monsters because he’s so tall, monsters are too scared to mess with him and he’d be tired so it would all be dumb but super cute