5sos/one direction blurb?? Imagine??? One shot??? Idk: touring as Lou’s assistant on the WWA tour, new feelings between you and Michael bloom and not everyone’s excited about it.

AN: Being Lou Teasdale’s assistant would be so bomb especially when she’s touring with all the guys and since I’m a licensed cosmetologist, this daydream holds a special place in my heart

*knock knock*

*knock knock knock*

"ok we tried to be nice but it’s 9 in the morning and we want to hang out"



This is nothing unusual to wake up to. The sun shining in through the window, the sound of a busy city street, and your favorite part: The guys beating on your hotel room door and begging you to save them from their boredom. You roll out of bed and look yourself over in the mirror through squinted eyes. “Great,” you mutter to yourself thinking about how completely disheveled you look at the moment. Pulling your hair up in a bun, you make your way over to the door. “Finally!” They all breathe out at you. Three of the usual five boys that show up at your door every morning are standing in the door way, beaming at you. “You look exceptionally happy this morning,” Luke says with a laugh. “And really put together,” Niall adds. “I think she looks beautiful, ass holes.” Michael chimes in as he elbows Niall in the ribs. The last one got you to smile. He was easily your favorite of all the guys and he knew it. They file into your small hotel room after you and spread out across the bed and the couch in the corner. “Where are Calum and Ashton?” you ask when you finish brushing your teeth a few minutes later. “Went to get breakfast babe, they’ll be here soon,” Michael says as he reaches up from ‘his’ side of the bed and pulls you down on the bed to cuddle you. Luke and Niall are watching a football match from last night that they had missed while performing, as usual, so they’re not paying much attention to the two of you on the bed. Michael pops the waistband of your baggy grey sweatpants and says “never seen someone look so cute in such ugly pants,” you pinch his arm and he laughs and kisses your forehead. Now he’s watching the football match and suddenly YOU’RE the one that’s bored. A little while later, Calum and Ashton show up with breakfast. And Liam. And Harry. As you all sit around and watch tele and eat your Macca’s breakfast you can’t help to think of all the girls outside the hotel right now that would kill to be in your spot. You realize how lucky your are and how happy these lads make you. Doesn’t get much better than lounging about with 4/4 of 5sos and 3/5 of one direction, does it? “This is boriiiing, let’s go do something” you groan after everyone’s finished eating. “Like what? We’ve got to warm up in a couple hours, we can’t be gone long.” Liam says with a mouthful of breakfast burrito. “We could see a movie,” suggests Calum. “22 Jump Street just came out!”, Harry says very excitedly. “Let’s do it!” You climb out of Michael’s arms and make your way to your suitcase in the corner and grab the first dress you can find. Walking over to the bathroom, you begin to strip out of your pajamas. Suddenly Michael’s behind you, he pushes you into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. “What’s that all about?” you ask. He’s towering over you and his face is turning red as he says “You’re MINE. I don’t want you walking around like this in front of them.” He motions at your complete lack of clothing apart from your black panties. “Yours?” you ask with a smirk. “Yeah, mine.” He adds a little more pissed off. “Okay, fine. I just didn’t know it was suddenly a problem. We all have been walking around in our underwear for the past 4 months, I didn’t realize it was a big deal,” you say, laughing a little at how mad he is. “Yeah it wasn’t a big deal when we were all just friends but now I really care about you and I know a couple of other guys in that room are fighting feelings for you too. And none of them can take their eyes off the television until you walk in the room. They all talk about how fit you are, and I just.. I don’t like it. You belong to me, is that alright?” He finally finishes his long winded speech. You stand up on your tippy toes and press your lips to his, “I get it, Mikey. You’re too possessive and I’m too naked. It won’t happen again.” The red on his face from his anger has just faded when his cheeks begin to blush this time. He looks down at his feet and mutters “Sorry that I was kind of a douche bag.” You pull your dress over your head and laugh, “yeaaaah, but you’re MY douche bag so it’s okay.” The two of you walk back out of the bathroom hand in hand to find the TV on mute and all the boys trying to hear what the two of you had been saying. “ITS ABOUT TIME!!” Ashton yells. He, Harry, Niall and Calum all start clapping. Apparently they knew that the two of you belonged to each other before you knew yourselves. Liam and Luke though, are doing everything they can to not make eye contact with either of you, Luke fiddling with the hem of his t-shirt and Liam suddenly being really interested in the muted television. The clapping and laughter dies down as they realize what you’ve noticed. Michael’s fingers tighten around yours and his jaw clenches. “I had a feeling someone would be upset,” he whispers in your ear, “don’t worry about it though, they’ll be fine.” He kisses your cheek and you fake a smile and nod. Things just got a lot more complicated.

AN: should this be a series? I didn’t mean to go in this direction with it but I kind of like it. Feedback?